The lasso, from the Spanish word lazo was more commonly known as la reata, which was transformed to the word lariat by Americans that moved west and began to learn ranching skills from Spanish speaking settlers.
Our reatas also called riatas or lariats are brand new and are of the San Ignacio, Central Baja design. These reatas consist of 4 plaits of splice free continuous strips of rawhide from either Guernsey or Santa Gertrudis cattle breed.
The length of our reatas is 50+ feet with an average thickness of 7/16".
All our reatas are braided with fall or winter rawhide to guarantee maximum strength. The honda is of traditional design with a burner made of colt rawhide which is extremely recommended as burner material due to its strength. All our reatas are for professional use for working at the ranch and at the same time are perfect for the person that is looking for a collectable piece of western  art or decoration for your home, office or to hang on the side of your saddle.


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