A Reata in the making

Reatas are not mass produced in factories, experienced and dedicated craftsmen also called reateros carefully braid each reata with the "know how" that has been handed  down through generations of braiders.
The Strips

The rawhide strips are cut from the rawhide and reatas need long strings so they can be splice free. To get these long strings the whole hide is cut round and round to be able to obtain a very long strip of hide.
The beveling

After the cutting and before the braiding the strands of rawhide are trimmed in size and the most important they are beveled.
Yes, we are proud to say that our reatas are made with beveled strands that makes them handle and look better. There are not a lot of reatas sold with beveled strands.
The Tamale

The long strings are bundled up and this is called tamale that is similar to a big and heavy ball of yarn so it is easier to work with.

Here is a braider with a bundle of cut rawhide ready for braiding.

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